Affiliate Disclaimer

Hey ✌ Janosch here!

I want to be really transparent about what I do, so I also want to make it clear that I'm an affiliate partner for some products & tools that I recommend on this website. This means, that if you purchase a product through an affiliate link on my website, I will receive a commission from the company creating the product. The great thing is that this comes at no additional cost to you (you pay the same exact amount you would have paid without the affiliate link). Instead, it's just a great way for you to support my work, which allows me to continue creating lots of free content around my favorite tools for digital business & productivity.

Keep in mind that I only promote products, that I've personally used before and that I believe are among the best in their respective industries! Also note that I don't get any free products or services from these companies, in exchange for mentioning them on my website. The only consideration is in the form of the affiliate commissions I receive and in the “Ambassador” programs some of the companies run, which I am a part of for a few companies. If you have any questions about the things I talked about above, please feel free to reach out the me at